A Digital Magazine is an electronic form of a magazine that can be read on a digital device. 

Digital publications have existed for some time, but mostly in the form of ebooks aimed at reading on small devices in the size of a mobile phone. 

With the availability of the Apple iPad, publishing magazines has become realistic and opens up a whole new world of making your publication available to a large audience. 

One of the benefits of a digital publication is that it can be made much powerful and interactive thanks to video, slide shows or URL-hyperlinks.

As a publisher, you want to create an application for the iPad using your current materials, experiens and infrastructure.

Welcome to SED Digital Publishing! Our team provide a complete solution for both the creation and publishing of your apps for iPad. 

SED allow publishers to easily way to create an interactive digital magazine. We can also offer the service to distribute your apps via iTunes Store, however, you can upload it completely by yourself.

Available on the App Store

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