SED, Société Emeraude Diffusion France, created in December 1982 and headquartered in Paris, is a company specializing in the conception and production of publications and advertising.

Our company has an excellent reputation among its clients, which include associations, foundations, schools, alumni groups, the press services of foreign embassies…

The SED publishes magazines, agendas with editorial content and photography often preceding the calendar section, and other supports. In the framework of these different productions, generally applauded for their quality and professionalism, the SED assures the financing of its publications, guaranteeing the participation of advertisers and generally assuming the role of consultant in communications for the conception, layout, and organization of all elements for the final document. In addition to the traditional activity of prospecting for advertising, the SED develops concepts and creative ideas for its clients.

In many cases, the SED initiates projects (the fine-tuning of an agenda, a specialized revue, a luxury magazine, a notebook) that it proposes to associations or entities with which it works or develops an activity ex nihilo, which may not have been imagined by the partner.

Recently SED undertook the development and realisation of an iPad and Android applications for its own projects as well as for outside magazines. These rich-multimedia publications (slide shows, videos, URL-lines) take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the iPad & Android tabs and are adapted to their ergonomics.

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